You want to know more

You want to know more about making a Painting.?

Blue irises/30x40cm/oil on canv./

I Have every day visitors in my ” Gallery / Atelier “who also paint themselves
Asking Questions About My Work;  Like, Mixing Colors, Pigments,
Construction, Mediums, Brushes, etc.
This creates pleasant and interesting conversations.
The information I give is actually always too much to remember.
Therefore, I make an accessible way, a Reference, Information Platform.
Where many questions are asked and answers are given. Both for you the beginner and the advanced painter, it will be more than interesting.
Private lessons online?
Private lessons on location Atelier? (April to Sept ’18)
Learn more about Color Mixing: etc.
Subscriptions Email . You will be included in my “College Address File”
Let me know what you want. Or ask your question.
Kind regards; Pierre
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