Winter games Pyeongchang 2018

Winter games
9 February 2018 – 25 February 2018


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Winter Games ( Art Pierre )in  Pyeongchang is a district in the north-east of South Korea. It lies about 180 kilometers east of the capital Seoul in the Taebaek Mountains.



Kramer must now crown work with Olympic 10 kilometers

Winter games Kramer must now crown work with Olympic 10 kilometers


The differences in altitude are great in Pyeongchang. 84% of the district contains mountains and the average altitude is 750m above sea level.

skating-in-the-sunset-pierre-van-dijk (2)

Pierre v. Dijk “Skating in the sunset ” oil on canvas 70x90cm

The most famous place of the region is Daegwallyeong myeon. The city was named in 2007 after the adjacent historically important mountain pass Daegwallyeong. It is more than 220 km2 in size and had a population of only 6162 in 2008.


The mountains in the district are popular with hikers (Seoraksan, 1708m) and skiers and snowboarders (Alpensia resort). It is striking that the location of the Alpensia resort during the Winter Games does not actually accommodate these two sports. In addition to the Alpensia resort, there are three sports locations where Dutch attention will be most concentrated on the Gangneung Coastal Cluster. This is where both skating and short track are organized. For a more detailed overview of the locations, view the stadium page.

In the month of February, the average temperature in the Pyeongchang region is just below freezing and the average minimum temperature is around -10 ° C. In addition, there is on average just over 50 mm of precipitation in the month of February and there are 12 snow days in this month. For Gangneung (ice cream components), the average maximum temperature is around 7 ° C and the average minimum temperature is -2 ° C. In December, there is the least rainfall in February with an average of 50 mm.


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