Vuitton – lab of ideas

Glenn D. Lowry:

“This exhibition is our lab of ideas for the MoMA of the future”

accrochage moma a la fondation vuitton
Paris le 29/10/2017
Photo sebastien soriano/ Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – The director of MoMA, a brilliant diplomat, defends MoMa’s presentation of masterpieces in the Louis Vuitton Foundation in elegant French.

The figaro – New York is sweet for the French. Why is it necessary to show the MoMA’s treasures in Paris?
Glenn D. Lowry, Director of MoMA.
Glenn D. Lowry. – Our museum is the first in the United States that has tried to create a modern collection and program. Although we are well-known to the French, the history of our collection is not real and has surprises. This exhibition wants the great foundations of MoMA and those who lead us …..

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