Theo Jansen Artist of the year

Theo Jansen Artist of the year
Out of eight finalists, Theo Jansen was chosen as the Artist of the year 2018.


In the second place, Daan Roosegaarde ends, followed by Isabella Werkhoven and Elise van der Linden. In fifth to eighth place, Iris van Herpen, Marlene Dumas, Marc Mulders and Levi van Veluw respectively end. They also enter the Gallery of Contemporary Artists, the list that contains the one hundred most appreciated Dutch visual artists annually.

The Brilliant Artist 2018 has also been chosen. Brilliant Artist of the Year, the artist over 65, who finishes the highest in the Gallery of Contemporary Artists and has not received the title before, is Jeroen Krabbé.
And very striking: there is no talent this year, the artist of 35 years or younger who finishes the highest in the Gallery of Contemporary Artists and the title was not received earlier. There are no less than 4 previous talents of the year in the top 8: Iris van Herpen (2013), Levi van Veluw (2014) Daan Roosegaarde (2015 and Artist of the Year 2016) and Elise van der Linden (2017).

Some opinions of panelists and the public about Theo Jansen:

“Fascinating art in the beauty of nature.”
“Monumental works made with modest materials. Watching an animal on the beach is special. ”
“Beautiful, driven, not commercial, technique, inventor, great!”
“(R) Evolutionary !! original, lively, impressive, pure. ”
“Spectacular and miraculous.”
“Theo’s work is exceptional and unique! Does not exist 2nd of. ”
“Less familiar, less pretentious and very inventive and persevering with fantastic results.”
“Theo Jansen is like Leonardo da Vinci, connecting art and technology and has not yet appreciated.”
“A totally new look at design based on natural materials and natural forces.”
“Beautiful, ingenious and above all cheerful installations!”
“I’m always completely silent of his amazing beach beasts.”
“I love what he makes. Looking at it makes me very happy. Dynamic, airy, original. ”
“I think this is so handsome and beautifully what he makes. Absolutely the winner this year. ”
“So impressive, so playful, so elegant, so fairytale, so beautifully thought out and worked out – Tribute, Tribute !!”
“It’s time for Theo Jansen (inter) to get national recognition!”
“Seeing Theo Jansen’s beautiful creations encouraged me in my will, and I wish to visit the beach and move myself independently. That was done for the first time last month! I do not know Theo, but I thank his art … see above. Hopefully, I can send my movement as smoothly as the wind and his imagination and work, his art is moving. That’s why! Theo Jansen !! With dot 😉 And Thanks! “

The election artist of the year is the oldest and by far the largest election in the field of art in the Netherlands. Due to the phased set-up with four electoral rounds, during which the electoral panel of experts and the public cast their votes, the outcome gives a good picture of the extent to which Dutch art and artists are widely appreciated. Within the framework of the election, many thousands of votes have been released this year.

Previously, Marc Mulders (2017), Daan Roosegaarde (2016), Marlene Dumas (2015), Erwin Olaf (2014), Giovanni Dalessi (2013), Ted Noten (2012), Sam Drukker (2011), Ans Markus ), Henk Helmantel (2008), Ad Arma (2007), Jeroen Hermkens (2006), Jacques Tange (2005), Jurriaan van Hall (2004) and Corneille (2003) Artist of the Year.

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