"Sabine" pierre v.Dijk/50x60cm/oil on canvas.

the making of “Sabine”




Dear Pierre,
I have just given Stu the painting for our anniversary.
He LOVES it. We have not chosen the right spot exactly to hang yet, but at present it is sitting on top of our piano and she looks so beautiful.
Stu was speechless…
Your creativity and talent has drawn so many comments from our friends who now can see it and I am spreading your website details around,   “The making of Sabine”is beautiful. It shows your talents in such a wonderful way.
Thank you.!!! Sabine has felt such a boost with her self confidence.
Again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your packaging it up (a lot of effort) and the safe arrival without incident.
I will get words together so I can post something.
I see you have an exhibition coming. I do hope that it goes well for you (wish I could go -Sabine said “Mummy can we go?) not to be this time… she tells everyone about you. It’s lovely to see. She says she misses you and Elly and of course the dogs.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again.
Much love,
Anne xx
dear Anne , Thank you ; Pierre 
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