testimony of Hillary Clinton

testimony of Hillary Clinton

This performance artist has repeated the famous ‘interieurrol’ by Carolee Schneemann, with the testimony of Hillary Clinton in Benghazi
Adrienne Truscott reedacted the work of the legendary performance artist as part of the American Realness festival.


artist testimony of Hillary Clinton


Adrienne Truscott introduced himself last night to a sold-out show at the Abrons Arts Center with an explanation. “I’m not really a comedian,” she said. “I am more of a feminist performance artist and we do not find anything funny.”

Truscott is both things, and more. As a trained dancer she is best known for her recovery of rape jokes in performances that alternate between stand-up comedy, live memoirs, song-and-dance and relational aesthetics.

For her performance on Tuesday, the cryptically titled This, Truscott opened with a stand-up set that was filled with jokes about manhate (‘feminists do not hate all men – some of my best friends are men I hate’) and abortion (” Abortion and comedy have more in common than you might think, with both timing everything “). Later the humor gave way to serious personal stories about violence and misogyny, including a particularly touching memory of how she once posed as a teenager for a photographer whose predatory character did not recognize them until years later.


testimony of Hillary Clinton


Toward the end of the evening, Truscott pulled her head naked and pondered what it could mean – politically and aesthetically – to put a nude female body on the stage in 2018. She wondered if she would concentrate on some “inner truth.” ”

Then she stooped and began to pull a long scroll from her vagina. She looked at it in astonishment, what was in this document?

“Oh no, Oh my god, it’s the Benghazi transcriptions!”

The slide seemed endless. What would reveal this painfully long testimony about Hillary Clinton’s debt in Benghazi? Spoiler alert: nothing.

Truscott based the scene on the legendary 1975 Interior Scroll by Carolee Schneemann, but when Schneemann unrolled her book, the text described a male “poststructuralist filmmaker” who had advised her not to make such personal art any more.

Truscott refers to Schneemann during the show. She said that she had recently read an interview with the artist in which Schneemann said that young people need to reconsider the urge to become artists, given our politically dangerous times.

Schneemann ‘recommended activism instead of art,’ said Truscott, ‘and she is probably right about that.’

After all, “nobody needed me to do that,” she said pointing to her vagina. “How is that going to increase voter turnout?”

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