With just 2 weeks to go until TEFAF Maastricht opens, here is a summary of what you can look forward to during the 2018 edition of the fair. More information is available via the TEFAF website ./ 10 th march/ art pierre


TEFAF MAASTRICHT 10 TH MARCH/ Art Pierre Impressionist

opening days………….
TEFAF Maastricht, which takes place in the MECC, Maastricht, runs from Saturday 10 th to Sunday 18 th March, and is open daily from 11 am to 7 pm, with the exception of Sunday 18 th when the fair closes at 18:00.
Overview of ticket access options:………..

Admission tickets are € 40 per person. *
Admission tickets for 12 – 18 years are € 20 per person. *
Catalogs are € 20 (if purchased in combination with an admission ticket)
* Excluding € 5 service costs.

The Floor Plan for Maastricht 2018 can be seen here
Tickets for Maastricht can be purchased here


TEFAF MAASTRICHT 10 TH MARCH/ Art Pierre Impressionist

TEFAF MAASTRICHT 10 TH MARCH/ Art Pierre Impressionist

Art Symposium
Collecting in the 21st Century is the theme of this year’s  symposium.
In a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized market, the way people collect and the standards they expect is changing. This year’s symposium offers the platform to explore topics that are relevant to the current market. As an organization, T.F promotes the highest standards and takes the lead in important discussions on issues of due diligence, transparency and science.

The T.F Art Symposium takes place on Friday 9 March at 10 am at the MECC in Maastricht.
Tickets Art symposium: € 30 per person
Tickets for T.F Art Symposium can be purchased here

Friday March 9
09.30 AM | Refreshments
10.00 AM | Welcome – Diana Cawdell, T.F Global Marketing and Communication.
10.05 AM | Panel discussion – Changing Attitudes and the Ethics of Collecting

Marcel Marée, Assistant Keeper, Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum.
Christian Levett, Collector of antiquities and artworks of all kinds, owner of the Mougins Museum of Classical Art, board member of The Ashmolean Museum, Member of The Arms and Armor Committee at The Met NY, owner of Minerva Magazine and partner at Vigo Gallery.
Thomas Marks, Editor or Apollo, Media Sponsor or TEFAF.

10.35 AM | Interview – Transparency and the Art Market: Challenges and Opportunities

Nanne Cover, Chairman or T.F Board of Trustees interviewed by Georgina Adam, Author; Art Market Editor-at-Large, The Art Newspaper; Art Market Contributor, Financial Times.

11.05 AM | Break for Coffee / Tea
11.25 AM | Panel discussion – The Challenge of Modern Materials

Robert van Langh, Head of Conservation and Science at the Rijksmuseum and Chair of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation + Art + Science.
Jennifer Mass, Ph.D, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Cultural Heritage Science, Bard Graduate Center for Decorative Arts, Design History and Material Culture.
Kai Kuklinski, CEO, AXA Art.
Thomas Marks, editor of Apollo, media guru of TEFAF.

11.50 AM | Become a member and thank you – Diana Cawdell, T.F Global Marketing and Communication
About Apollo Apollo,
founded in 1925, is one of the world’s oldest and most respected magazines on visual art. It is published monthly and offers the largest editorial series of every art magazine – from everything from antiquities to contemporary work.
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“Monaco”-Oil on canvas / Pierre v.Dijk


T.F Showcase recently gives established galleries the opportunity to participate in T.F Maastricht for a year and to gain experience as part of an international art event. It also introduces visitors to the fair for some of the most interesting emerging galleries from around the world.

The Showcase selection committee is pleased to present the five young antique and art dealers in Showcase 2018, who are waiting for a fantastic experience in Maastricht. The selection assures visitors to the fair that Showcase will be exciting and diverse.

2018 exhibitors are:
Gallery Le Beau – 20th century design
Cortesi Gallery – Art post-war
Charles-Wesley Hourdé – African, oceanic and Indian art
Kallos Gallery – Ancient Art and Antiquities
Librairie Camile Sourget – Rare and antiquarian books from the 15 th – 20 th century

Loan Exhibition in T.F Paper

TEFAF MAASTRICHT 10 TH MARCH/ Art Pierre Impressionist

TEFAF MAASTRICHT 10 TH MARCH/ Art Pierre Impressionist


17th-century Dutch paintings have long been a prominent feature at TEFAF Maastricht because of the Dutch roots and the heritage of the Fair. Civil Guard, governor and group portraits are rarely seen on the market. An impressive collection of such portraits will be on view at TEFAF Maastricht 2018 in the Amsterdam Museum’s Loan Exhibition. In the past twenty years, the Amsterdam Museum has restored many of the group portraits in its collection. The impressive results, or at least some of them, can be seen at this year’s  Maastricht.

Bartholomeus van der Helst
One of the masterpieces to see is the recently restored group portrait of The officers of the archers’ guild, painted by Bartholomeus van der Helst in 1653. This 17th – century painting has pieces of 16th – century silver – and the silverware on the picture has been preserved, the work is unique. The depicted paintings and silver objects can be seen together at T.F

Curators will finalize the restoration of the painting at the fair (on the afternoon of Thursday 15 th of March and the morning of Friday 16 th of March).


2018 Exhibitors

TEFAF is looking forward to welcoming more than 280 dealers to Maastricht, spread over the nine sections of the exhibition –  Antiques,  Ancient Art,  Design, La Haute Joaillerie, Modern, Paintings, Paper,  Showcase and  Tribal.
The complete list of exhibitors is available here and a first look at what can be found at Maastricht is available here

Massimo De Carlo (Italy), specialists in modern and contemporary art. (T.F Modern).
Galerie Chenel (France), specialists in Greek, Roman and Egyptian archeology. (T.F Ancient Art).
S Franses (UK), specialists in historical tapestry, carpets and textile art from medieval to interwar modernism. (T.F Antiques).
Thomas Fritsch – Artrium (France), specialists in French decorative arts from the 20th century, with a special emphasis on French ceramics from 1945 to 1970. (T.F Design).
Oscar Graf (France) will present European and American furniture and decorative arts from 1870 to 1914. (T.F Design).
Gallery Marc Heiremans (Belgium), specialists in glass and ceramic works from the 20th century. (T.F Design).
Galerie Jousse Enterprise (France), specialist in French furniture from 1970/1980, with a special emphasis on the works of Corbusier. (T.F Design).
M & L Fine Art (UK) presents modern and contemporary art. (T.F Modern).
Mazzoleni (UK), specialists in modern art. (T.F Modern).
Walter Padovani (Italy), will be Italian sculpture and the world of art in the 17 th to 19 th centuries. (T.F Antiques).
Perrotin (France), leading international contemporary gallery. (T.F Modern).
Galerie de la Présidence (France), presents paintings from the 20th century, works on paper and sculpture. (T.F Paper).
Safani Gallery (USA) presents ancient art from Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Near East. (TEFAF Ancient Art).
Glenn Spiro (UK), the world’s leading contemporary jeweler. (TEFAF La Haute Joaillerie).
Leon Tovar Gallery (USA) will present modern Latin American art with an emphasis on geometric, kinetic, abstract, constructivist and on art. (TEFAF Modern).
Galerie Zlotowski (France), modern art and avant-garde works from the 20th century. (TEFAF Paper).


Kind regards . Pierre

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