Sauvons la vallée de la Dordogne

Sauvons la vallée de la Dordogne – Le Groupe  ( Save the Dordogne Valley – The Group ) 

Opinions and comments, a selection:

*Tony D.; Of course it’s monstrous. As we all know, peiró and his friends are no more than a bunch of crooks who abuse their powers in contempt of the inhabitants and nature. We can’t stop anything right now, but I’m sure these acts will be judged one day and will pay. We have to keep resisting. I note that more and more people claim to be shocked and many of the périgourdins who because of the pressures they are subjected to do not express themselves here but do not think less.


*Sylviane Q.; No respect for the, nature, heritage, I am ashamed for all the actors of this massacre! They will have on conscience this irreversible destruction! All this will not do them honor…


*Jacques A ; This is an obstacle to the free movement of wild animals that can serve as a basis for judicial proceedings against g. Peiró



Sauvons la vallée de la Dordogne

*Brigitte C.; They destroy the valley and bring the dordogne to a big Disneyland to make short-term money as if that’s what the famous tourists wanted!!!! and then they say there’s 28 % less tourists this year And wonder…. quickly a detour to beynac and a superb mall in the heart of the valley! And hop a mall at the entrance to montpazier! And others in sarlat where the heart of town dies slowly! We walk on the head, poor dordogne in the hands of the profiteers How many tourists next year with the yards? And the next year?

The Dordogne will be abandoned in favour of more authentic regions and you will look good with your shopping malls and deserts!…..


*Lisa De L.; A Haven of natural beauty, history and memory concreted, trashed, gutted, gutted in the name of who: a president of the region “Bétonneur crazy and compulsive” Germinal Peiró. Our Mother Goddess sacrificed, tortured. Protective Protective Trees. Sure she will avenge our mother land. And the concrete won’t resist it. If this road exists one day boycott 36 m € in department trash

*Lisa De L.; I am a speaker guide and take groups from all regions of France to the château des milandes. I am runner and of course I will denounce this assassination of the valley

in the winter the valley runs under water !!!!!

*Gisele O.; Let’s wait for the first flood and we’ll see what’s going on!


*Sylvie D.; Flood Zone? So a beautiful storm and the dordogne flood all the work……. then they will drivage…

*Louise C.;… what a waste! While it was enough to do work to expand the carriageway of the rd between st Vincent and the village of beynac…

*Brigitte C.; It is indeed a crime that is committed against this unique site in the world, in the indifference of all those who could or could stop this infernal machine!!!!!

*  A PAGE WITHOUT FACE. — “I like Beynac and its Valley”–

Who are you ????     why are you playing hide and seek ???

*José L.;He should change their name in I hate beynac and his valley.



*The Massacre of the Valley of the Dordogne has begun and is gathering momentum. The protests of those trying to save the beauty and heritage of the Valley of the Châteaux around Beynac and Milandes are falling on deaf ears. Large swathes of beautiful ancient woodland around Milandes have already succumbed to the giant bulldozers and woodchipping machines. I was there today and it broke my heart to see the vandalism which is being perpetrated in the name of “progress”. It is CRIMINAL!! ( Angela Christian ; London-born professional singer/guitarist/vocal coach, now living in the Dordogne region of SW France. )


Sauvons la vallée de la Dordogne - Le Groupe  ( Save the Dordogne Valley - The Group )  Opinions and comments;

Sauvons la vallée de la Dordogne – Le Groupe  ( Save the Dordogne Valley – The Group )  Opinions and comments;


*Jd M… Never, nowhere in the world, people got power!… isn’t? … it’s not étonant.

*Bea F.; This is a very bad move they can’t see it now but in time they will know what they have done destroy a beautiful landmark i live in another country and i can see the beauty in this area it is so sad for the people living their this hurts the people that has been fighting to stop this destruction they are angry stop this dumb move a friend



*Michel G.; 25 september om 21:00 This morning on France blue… I hope i didn’t hear it. Emperor Peiró filed a complaint against 17 people who wanted to delay his site and 1 person who threatened him with death on FB. We can’t protest anymore. 😉


*José L.; No, no I did of course… I hope he won’t forget madame the congressman who calls him a liar…

Christophe d.; Did he file a complaint against the farmers who blocked the roads last year?

*Pierre D; And if Peiró was Egyptian. … Then he’d already been poisoned.

*Brigitte C.; Well, for sure, nature is stunning and thanks to Mr. Peiró to have it so well preserved.? Eternal recognition to the family and friends of the president who now wishes to succeed himself to continue his actions of devastation of the department!.

*Annick H.; On Instagram France blue périgord posted a great video of  castle taken by a drone: on the road… two cars!

*I am Daniel DOUBLIER Deputy Mayor of BEYNAC (Video)

and for having participated in the advancement of the development work carried out at the end of July 2017, I confirm that they are generally positive and allow a fluid circulation in all periods including that of the tourist flow between July and early September. The inspector General FORRAY asked, in view of this development, a moratorium before the continuity of the bypass project.



Brigitte C.; Like most of the time, but everyone knows, we’ve been messing with us since we left! If they had been informed about the passage of the drone, I love beynac and his valley would not have missed convening a few trucks and camper….. question to embellish the picture!

Lizaiez H.; Simple: who is being paid off to rob many others of their history and way of life (not to mention all those who visit to partake of same), who is paying and by how much, and where is the money now? Start with the companies that got the contract.

Petition Beynac

Kind regards Pierre

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