Nadi Gallery – Puri Indah, Jakarta $ 350,000


Nadi Gallery – Puri Indah, Jakarta
$ 350,000 Handiwirman Saputra
Hari Ini Kemaren Esok (Seri Branch Berakar Branch Berpucuk) (2018)

The 42-year-old Sumatran artist Handiwirman Saputra, based in Yogyakarta, is one of the founders of the Jendela Art Group, an Indonesian art collective that is built on the pragmatic view that it would be easier for a group of local artists to achieve success than for the individual artists themselves. (It worked – the group became famous in their region.)

Nadi Gallery - Puri Indah, Jakarta $ 350,000

The most famous of the collective, Saputra, was trained as a sculptor and often incorporates rubber bands, garbage bags and other pieces of trash found in his work – a magpie aesthetic that he also wears to his impressive paintings, which translate his waste inspirations into convincingly displayed volumetric forms that populate colorful abstract cavities.

The fame of the artist has spread over Indonesia in recent years – he had a solo show at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo in 2015, which bought two paintings and collectors in France and Germany – and now his gallery has the work of Saputra to the marketed in the hope of furthering its reputation. “We show everyone,” said Biantoro Santoso, the founder of Nadi Gallery.

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