Monet’s works belong to impressionism

a certain moment.

Monet’s works belong to impressionism. Monet mainly tried to make a representation of a certain moment. He painted landscapes, including in Normandy.

Monet's works belong to impressionism


From the 1880s he began…………………

making series of paintings of the same subject under different light and weather conditions.

Monet's works belong to impressionism


Examples of such series are those of haystacks and the Cathedral of Rouen. His famous series with water lilies makes Claude Monet at the end of his life when his vision deteriorates. As a result, his works become more abstract and less detailed.


Monet's works belong to impressionism


Monet can be regarded as the founder and most faithful representative of Impressionism.

It is virtually impossible to make a choice out of Monet’s enormous oeuvre. He was very fascinated by the Japanese wooden bridge in his garden, which he painted several times. The various depth layers in the painting, consisting of the bridge, the water lilies, the trees behind the bridge, the reflection of those trees and the bridge in the water, sometimes with the reflection of the clouds, shows what a Monet was in the display on canvas of what he saw. With this Monet has succeeded in what the impressionists wanted to do: capturing the visual aspect of everyday reality, without psychologizing or referring to classical antiquity or other historical themes.

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