Maksim Vengerov his parents were musicians.

Maksim; his parents were musicians.


Maksim Aleksandrovich Vengerov ( August 20, 1974) is a Russian violinist.

Maksim; his parents were musicians.


Sibelius Violin Concerto / Chicago S.O. (CSO)

Vengerov in 1995
Maksim is the son of Aleksandr and Larisa Vengerov. Both his parents were musicians. His mother was a singer and director of an orphanage. His father was the first oboist of the Philosophical Symphony Orchestra of Novosibirsk. Maksim got his first violin lessons from Galina Toertsjaninova at the age of 5. When he was 7 years old, he went to live with his grandparents in Moscow to study violin at the specialized Music School of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory.


When Maksim was 10 years old, his grandfather fell ill and returned to Novosibirsk, where he continued his studies at Zakhar Bron. He won the Junior Wieniawski violin competition. At the age of 11 he played the opening concert on the eighth Tchaikovsky competition. When Bron left Russia in 1987 to teach at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) in London, Vengerov followed him, together with his mother. Even when Bron later went to Lübeck to set up a school there, Vengerov went along.

In 1990, Vengerov and his family officially emigrated to Israel, where his father continued his profession as an orchestral oboist. Vengerov became an Israeli citizen and had to be employed for a short time.

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