Karl Lagerfeld – Maison – £ 8 MILLION

The former German mansion of Karl Lagerfeld is on the market for £ 8 MILLION – complete with the luxurious finish of the Chanel designer


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION


A luxury villa once owned by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, 84, in the north of Germany has come on the market – with all the luxury you would expect from the man at the helm of Chanel.
The 12,000 m² property, which is listed by Hamburg-based estate agents Engel & Völkers, offers breathtaking views of the River Elbe and is filled with design attributes that Karl has chosen during his stay in the sumptuous home.

Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION


The former German country house of Karl Lagerfeld / Photo via Daily Mail
Available for € 10 million (£ 8 million), the mansion from the 1920s was originally built for Hanseatic shipping entrepreneur Hermann Witte as a one-storey house in 1924, before a lawyer hired architect Walther Baedeker to apply a second level three years later. add for bedrooms.


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION


Karl, who lived for only three months in the villa overlooking the River Elbe from the seven years he owned it (between 1989 and 1997) is not the current owner, but has frankly discussed why he has moved into the building. magazine of Angel & Völkers has sold GG this month.


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION


He said: “It is impossible to live on the Elbe. You spend all your time looking at the river. You became lazy. ‘

Inside, a Chinese-style salon is complete with an enchanting hand-painted mural and masterfully chosen furniture. The walls seem wall-hung at first glance, but are in fact painted by hand.


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION


The painfully stylish house is called Villa Jako, after the former partner of Karl, Jacques de Bascher, who died of complications related to AIDS in 1989.

The creative director of Chanel and Fendi, who was born in Germany, described his interior inspiration as ‘very Weimar Republic’ in an interview with the New York Times.

When Karl moved to the house, he hired art conservator Renate Kant, who had already given a new lease of life in the town hall of the city to renovate the building.


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION


Later he continued to make the advertising campaign for his Jako perfume in the gardens of the house.

Karl gave more insight into his interior inspiration for the villa in his book Ein Deutsches Haus, which was published in 1997.

The modetitan was determined to permeate the culture of Germany in the design of every luxurious room in recent years.


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison - £ 8 MILLION

The luxury house that Karl bought for about 3 million German marks has natural light that flows through a selection of air-lit rooms and high artistic windows. It also features glorious ceilings with gold leaf, Roman-inspired columns and sumptuous corridors.

The New York Times Magazine has previously labeled the villas as the most beautiful home Lagerfeld ever made.

Karl occupied about 20 locations including Rome and Monaco. More recently, the style expert has embraced his hand to design an interior for others between working on his fashion empire.

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