Impressionism never get bored

Never get bored – Impressionism is an art flow arising from painting.


Impressionism never get bored

Pierre. van Dijk

The movement had her cage mat in France,

Maison Atelier Pierre / Beynac et Cazenac. Fr. ( Sophy & Jors

In the second half of the nineteenth century. Initially, she emerged as a revolting movement against the then widely accepted and officially recognized classical academic art by the state…… Eventually it developed into a totally new style of technical conception that was the cradle of modernism from the twentieth century. Typical aspects of impressionism are the focus on the momentum (impression), the choice of themes from the ‘modern life’, the special attention to light effects and color, a sketchy method and outdoor work.


Walking in the afternoon

Among the best known representatives were art painters as

Claude Monet,


Pierre-Auguste Renoir,

Jeanne / AugusteRenoir

Edgar Degas


Paul Cézanne.

The impressionists exhibited their work between 1874 and 1886 at eight self-organized exhibitions in Paris. After 1886, their innovators were taken over by neo and post

Van Gogh


Impressionist groups, although the flow after that time in several countries outside of France would still have important flowering periods.

Even in the twenty-first century, impressionism still boasts a great popularity. Theme exhibitions and impressionists departments of major museums attract high visitor numbers. In terms of prices, impressionistic top works can be measured with ‘old masters’

Impressionism also worked in other forms of art, such as classical music, literature, sculpture and photography.

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