famous collection of St Petersburg

  7 October 2017 -/- 27 may 2018 ;

63 Dutch Masters from the famous collection in St Petersburg

will come to the Netherlands and be ‘at home’ again.
‘Dutch Masters from the Hermitage. Eyeballs of the tsars’
Do not miss it!


from the famous collection in St Petersburg


The Hermitage Amsterdam aims to use art and history to inspire, enrich and above all offer opportunity for reflection. With our diverse exhibition and supplementary programming, the Hermitage Amsterdam presents the world heritage of one of the greatest museums – the State Hermitage in St Petersburg – to




Dutch and international visitors. We take inspiration from the historical ties between Amsterdam and St Petersburg and between the House of Orange-Nassau and the Romanovs. We believe that innovation and education are essential. The Hermitage for Children offers special art education for the youngest generation. As an enterprise, we take pride in the fact that we finance our activities from our own resources, with support from the business community and private individuals.



Melchior de Hondecoeter, Birds in a park, 1686
© State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


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