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 this CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne  is given the chance to the guy Mr.Peiro to fuck the natural environment of the dordogne “UNESCO”, so sign the petition to save the valley and nature – of this beautiful landscape the Dordogne valley. 

During the works, the event continues! In Beynac, more than 500 opponents met in the middle of August to continue the revolt against bypass work, though authorized and even started by the County Council of the Dordogne.

Video Demonstration;

Mr. Peiró , a teacher, of profession decides on the future of the dordogne valley, World heritage UNESCO.       !!!  BAD  TEACHER   !!!

Mr. Peiró Training and profession   Normal school of teachers in Périgueux . 

“If you can not do anything, you go into politics”

” The disfigured river “

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne


Democracy ; Saturday 18 August, I am in Beynac-et-Cazenac at the call of the collective “save the dordogne valley”.

For 30 years, a road bypass project in the village of beynac exists. It is now carried out by the dordogne departmental council.

At EUR 35 million, its real cost if it was to be achieved will probably be double, exclusively at the expense of the dordogne department, which is one of the most indebted departments in France.

This project is not the most important or the most media of what we, environmentalists, call “major unnecessary and imposed projects”, the gpi.

Democracy ; But He’s iconic.

This project reveals the madness of a political power that is trying to sacrifice nature and landscapes in the name of an obsolete vision of the economy, progress and modernity.

This new road involves the realization of “works of art”, including two bridges that will looms the dordogne river whose fame is global.

The impact of these achievements on the river will be important.

The Dordogne Valley will be irreparably damaged by this achievement.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne


However, improvements already made on the current road through the centre of beynac have helped to remove the nuisances that were previously observed in the summer, linked to the influx of vehicles used by tourists.

So… in the name of what logic, in Beynac or elsewhere, projects inherited from another century continue to be defended and carried out?

We see every day through increasingly accurate and reliable studies of the collapse of life on earth.

In France and Europe too, fish, vertebrates, insects, birds disappear victims of pollution and the disappearance of their habitats.

In the dordogne and around, animals breed, grow, feed. Every river in our country is a valuable and fragile corridor of life.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

The implementation of such infrastructure is profoundly changing the flow of water and leads to the disappearance of ” dead arms “, also called ” couanes “, which constitute places of spawning and nursery and shelters for many Fish species.

The Dordogne Valley, and particularly the site of beynac, is also a remarkable landscape by its reliefs, vegetation, river of course, but also by its historical heritage.



CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

Maison Atelier Pierre – Beynac-Cazenac-Dordogne

We are now stunned by this stubbornness of wanting to degrade these spaces with a new road.

The circumvention of the village will also involve the weakening of the shops in the village. As often, it is to be feared that this circumvention will later call for a commercial area making the bed of the large distribution.

Democracy; For example, in France, rural areas see their towns and villages die with jobs and public services that disappear.

In Beynac as elsewhere, this “move from the territory” to our country is not acceptable.

At the same time as it kills life in its own sense by degrading the environment, that it impoverished communities that continue blindly to empty their coffers for these unnecessary ” equipment it kills activity and social life in campaigns.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne



The metropolisation of France combined with futile infrastructure investments drain rural territories that are no longer, at best, places where we pass, but more where we live.

The Departmental Council of the dordogne, which, like all departments of France, the main competence is solidarity would be better inspired to use its millions to strengthen public services, particularly in favour of the most fragile.

We often criticize, and sometimes rightly, the brutal planning imposed on the territories by the jacobin centralism of the French State or by the European technocracy… in reality, evil is deeper because in this case it is the power Local policy that wishes to impose this scandalous mismanagement… this deep evil is to consider that growth at any price fuelled by unnecessary road improvements would mechanically bring prosperity and modernity.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne


Nothing is more false and our civilization is dying of this magical thought.

Our ancestors had identified the dordogne valley as a rich environment of its nature, incredibly hospitable to life. They settled there and stayed there for centuries, knowing that they were enjoying these natural wealth and beauty.

Knowing and feeling what is truly precious is eminently modern. This is even where true modernity lies.

On the other hand, betting on ever more roads, public spending to build them by ignoring the impact of the destruction thus generated is a stalemate and corresponds to a cheesy vision of “development”.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

CONFLICT OF INTEREST Democratie in the Dordogne

We now know that the climate is rocking and transforming our planet into flames, that wildlife and flora disappear, that some of our territories are increasing inequality. Promoting the road and disfigure a ravière is not an innocuous political choice. It helps to guide our society in a direction that more and more citizens and citizens refuse.

That is why we will gather in beynac so that nature, life and landscapes are protected, so that public money is no longer wasted, and that the future of the dordogne valley is preserved in the service of those and those who Love it, live there today and want to live there tomorrow.

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Friends of the Dordogne.

David Cormand.

Pierre v. Dijk.


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