The “Ceausescu of the Dordogne” Germinal Peiro

The “Ceausescu of the Dordogne” Germinal Peiro :

Stéphane Bern ( Fr 3 télévision ) has named Germinal Peiro the “Ceausescu of the Dordogne”, after he named himself the “Benalla of the culture”. 



The answer of the opponent Kleber Rossillon after the conviction to pay 200 € uros per day and posted by banner on the facades of the monuments against the bypass of Beynac :


Kleber Rossillon, champion of the challenge

The famous business manager, passionate about preservation and promotion of heritage, is the man who proudly assume that this XXL show its properties: the castle of Castelnaud, the gardens of Marqueyssac, Beynac. Triple display for the same message: try to stop work on the valley track, determined by the department, and costs between 30 and 40 million euros…………


The "Ceausescu of the Dordogne" Germinal Peiro :

The Dordogne is Still BLEEDING





The “Ceausescu of the Dordogne” …..Germinal Peiro..!!!!   ; 

the Dordogne valley is the scene of a new protest against the bypass project. In Beynac, the widening of the road by the municipality has made the traffic flow smoother. Crossing between city and river is now easier. It is precisely on this specific point that the County Council is debating to complete its derogation project.


The “Ceausescu of the Dordogne” …..Germinal Peiro..!!!!   


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