Blonde d’Aquitaine relatively young

Blonde d’Aquitaine is a cattle breed that is among the meat-type varieties. It is a relatively young breed, which has its own studbook since 1963.

Blonde d'Aquitaine - Oil on canvas - 50x60cm - Pierre van Dijk

Blonde d’Aquitaine – Oil on canvas – 50x60cm – Pierre van Dijk


As the name suggests, the breed finds its origin in the southwestern French region of Aquitaine. Until 1920 there were three sub-races in Aquitaine and surroundings; namely the Garonnaise around the river Garonne between Agen and Bordeaux, the Quercy and the Blonde of the Pyrenees at the foot of the western Pyrenees. By combining these breeds and crossing them with a few other breeds, such as the Limousin and Charolais, a meat breed was created that could combine unique characteristics.


blonde, d'aquitaine, relatively, young.

Blonde d’Aquitaine – oil on canvas – 50x60cm / pierre van Dijk

Blonde d’Aquitaine can easily calve because the calves of this breed are small in size compared to other meat-type breeds. In addition, Blonde  have a good weight and can live off a meager ration. Animals of this breed can grow until they reach an age of 5 to 6 years, in these 5 to 6 years bulls can reach a weight of 1500 kilos and cows a weight of 1100 kilos. Because Blonde Aquitaine Mother can survive on a sober ration, have little calving problems and cows of this breed have good  properties, Blondes are good at grazing nature reserves.


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