“Livinus” (my teacher) & Art-Inventor in the sixties at the academy about color and light

Inventor of the light show / Pink Floyd – 1960’s

He experimented with light sources / Livinus, made the first light show for Pink Floyd in the sixties

Inventor of the light show / Pink Floyd - 1960's Licht schilderij; Levinus, maakte de eerste lichtshow voor Pink Floyd in de jaren zestig

Light painting; Livinus, made the first light show for Pink Floyd in the sixties

(1 November 1947 ) The Free Academy was founded in The Hague the Netherlands by ‘light artist’ Livinus van de Bundt. The objectives were: “The complete form of visual artists and artistic amateurs, bringing about, aimed at an immobile exploratory practice of free visual arts, to let die.” Van de Bundt wanted artistic education in a different way than normal at the other art academies.  An open studio where professionals as well as amateurs stand door to dialogue and reflection to a higher level of state development. His motto was: “you are an artist of yours.

Inventor of the light show / Pink Floyd - 1960's


Livinus, made the first light show for Pink Floyd in the sixties.


Livinus Arie Cornelis Jan van de Bundt (Zeist, March 5, 1909 – The Hague, October 11, 1979) was a Dutch painter, etcher and graphic artist.

Van de Bundt graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. He lived and worked from 1952 until his estate De Voorde in Rijswijk. He was married to the ceramist Mieke van der Burgt (1917-1979).

Livinus en Kees Boud


Initially he made etching and woodcuts. On 1 November 1947 he founded the Free Academy in The Hague. the Netherlands He was a director until 1964. In the sixties he developed as an avant-garde artist. He experimented with light sources, light-conducting and light-sensitive materials and no-need a lonely light artist. In 1964 he won the Sikkens Prize, “for his experimental” photo-interventions “for which he designed a machine that ” paints with light.

The GEMAK exhibition space between 2012 and 2015 was the only, still active part of the Free Academy for the Visual Arts Foundation The Hague, founded in 1947 by Livinus van de Bundt. It was the mission of GEMAK (originally a partnership with Gemeentemuseum Den Haag from 2009 to 2011, then continued by the Vrije Academie) to offer current and controversial themes in art, politics and society a stage and to let the public experience art. as a starting point for discussions and lectures. GEMAK had to close its doors on 4 December 2015. This also brought an end to Stichting De Vrije Academie.

1947 – 1964 Livinus of the Bundt;
1964 – 1982 George Lampe;
1983 – 1988 Frans Zwartjes;
1988 – 2001 Bob Bonies;
2001 – 2009 Ingrid Rollema;
2009 – 2015 Marie Jeanne de Rooij

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