Banksy Busts His Hometown Museum

Banksy Busts His Hometown Museum

Banksy Busts His Hometown Museum for deceiving his fans with hundreds of unauthorized prints
The museum has promised to repay all buyers who bought the print for only £ 5.

Banksy Busts His Hometown Museum

A print of a work by Banksy sold for only £ 5 (about $ 7) to huge numbers of enthusiastic buyers in the online store of the England Museum and Art Gallery in England until this week…………


The machine park came to a standstill when the famous street artist told a buyer in response to an investigation that the museum had never had permission to sell the sculpture. The prints were sold at a rate of no more than one per minute.

The print reproduced the work Angel Bust (2009), which was part of a very secret takeover of the institution, “Banksy Versus Bristol Museum,” in the extremely popular street artist city in 2009. The work became the “paint pot,” as Banksy a pot with pink paint on the sculpture and put it on the head of the angel.

There was “a huge increase in demand” for the works of the museum’s website after some Banksy fans uploaded photos of the print online, an unnamed museum representative told the BBC. At the time of that article, more than 1,000 orders had arrived in the last 24 hours, he said.

“This was a mistake on our part,” said a spokesperson for Bristol City Council, who runs the museum, via e-mail to artnet News. “We own the artwork in question and have been allowed to produce the image in our guide to the art gallery that was published last fall, and it was assumed that this would allow us to produce prints, but when we contacted Management of Banksy, we were told that this was not the case. “The museum has promised to repay all buyers. The spokesman did not respond immediately to an investigation into the number of prints that the museum had sold.

Banksy Busts His Hometown Museum

The problem began when copper instructed Steve Hall from North Carolina Banksy to confirm that the prints were authorized, according to the BBC. Hall was upset when the artist’s representative replied: “Absolutely not, they were printed without our permission.” The anonymous artist’s studio did not immediately respond to a request for further comments.

The work remained with the museum after the takeover of Banksy, which included about 100 works. It took place at night and was known in advance to only a few museum staff. It transformed the institution, according to the museum’s website, “in a menagerie of unnatural history -vising enthusiasts swimming in a goldfish bowl, hot dogs and chicken nuggets.” Banksy installed a burnt-out ice-cream truck in the entrance of the museum and moved around from their usual places; the spectacle led to lines around the block, with some waiting for seven hours.

“This is the first show I’ve ever done where taxpayers’ money is used to hang up my photos instead of scraping them away,” the street artist told the BBC.


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