Auguste Renoir “step by step”

Auguste Renoir 1841 Limoge – 1919 Ganes Fr.


According to a statement by the painter and friend “Brune”, Renoir worked his paintings, partially set with pencil, as out of the fog in light and very thin colors so that he did not capture anything.


Auguste Renoir 1841 Limoge - 1919 Ganes Fr.quote;



In front of the meat colors, he started mainly with black and white with a little red.

He had a small paintbrush for beginners, with dozen tubs and used pointed pig hair brushes and bleached linseed oil.

Auguste Renoir 1841 Limoge - 1919 Ganes Fr.quote;


that was his equipment with medium linen, and turpentine.

The heaps of paint that lay on the palette are as big as peas.

Only black, white and vermilion with highly diluted paint, he with black puts the dark parts of the shadows on, which gradually change with some white and red in a slight finish.
later it came blue and darker for a greenish to a golden tone in the background.
There are hardly any progress from day to day.
After 3 weeks of daily work it seems that just painting began
nothing hurts, step by step the work grows like a plant.


Auguste Renoir 1841 Limoge - 1919 Ganes Fr.quote;


Unfortunately, there are nowadays adverse changes in his work, especially in the case of works made with pencil, which shines through the thin shades

end quote;

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