Angel Corpa – Spanish Musician


“Angel Corpa”

Spanish Musician; He was born in January 1952 in the city of Cuenca of Barajas de Melo. In 1972 he created Huelva Jarcha, a musical group that is essential to understand the music of the Spanish transition. In Jarcha he composes a large part of his successes by recording



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Angel Corpa - Spanish Musician

Angel Corpa – Spanish Musician


fourteen albums in the twenty-five years that he collaborates with the group. He develops a style that plays the work of various Spanish poets (Miguel Hernández, Blas de Otero, Federico Garcia Lorca, Rafael Alberti) and makes the public familiar with the musical and solid tradition of Andalusia. He has also collaborated with authors such as Salvador Távora and has fulfilled various functions as a doubler. Add your most memorable dubbing work was his rendition of the character Frieza in the anime series known as Dragon Ball Z.


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