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116x89cm oil on linnen "bathers " Pierre v.Dijk

116x89cm oil on linnen “bathers ” Pierre v.Dijk

"little girl with blue dress" 50x60cm oil on linnen Pierre van dijk

“little girl with blue dress” 50x60cm oil on linnen Pierre van dijk

Blonde d'Aquitaine - Oil on canvas - 50x60cm - Pierre van Dijk

Blonde d’Aquitaine – Oil on canvas – 50x60cm – Pierre van Dijk

Blossom Trees Art Pierre van Dijk

Blossom trees/50x60cm/oil on canvas/pierre

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   Street View / Beynac-et-Cazenac, Nouvelle-Aquitain, France

 the paintings of Pierre van DijK

It is still popular today. We find impressionistic works of art in museums and galleries, but also in calendars, reproductions, posters, memo blocks. One of the leading contemporary post-impressionists is Pierre CA van Dijk. Popular with viewers and galleries, his paintings are exhibited worldwide. Pierre exhibit in the USA, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries. His  “Maison / Atelier Pierre” in Beynac et Cazenac, Dordogne has more than 1.200.000 visitors a year.

Pierre van Dijk combines impressionistic and post-impressionistic elements. His paintings are often “plein air” paintings, just like the classical impressionists.

The impressionists were of the opinion that the best forum for observing and representing nature would be in the open air – and that is why their works were called square air paintings – where the play of light and shadows would be the most natural, striking and intense , instead of under the dim and artificial lighting of the studio.

The students in the academies and the official Salon conveyed the three-dimensional nature of forms through the subtle shadows that were first perfected by the masters of the Renaissance. The impressionists, on the other hand, evoked a sense of three-dimensionality by representing the dramatic color contrasts that can best be observed in bright sunlight.

impressionistic , Pein-air, Class & MASTERCLASS - Learning , Impressionist techniques by Pierre,

Pierre van Dijk/ 90x104cm / oil on canvas /   in the Brennen fine Art gallery USA.

When visually trying to capture the play of light and shadow – and its transformations – Impressionists used quick brush strokes to create paintings that looked hurried and unfinished, in contrast to the well rounded, shiny and polished shapes and subtle shades respected by the Beaux-Arts. system.

Pierre van Dijk ’s paintings show the nuances and shades of color as people, nature and objects are depicted in natural sunlight. /    such as St-John Cathedral

 ” PARIS “

Art Pierre - Gallery - Masterclass - Art store - Exhibition - Impressionist

April in Paris – Pierre v. Dijk

Thoughtful, patient, elegant and beautiful, she reveals herself only through a truncated perspective-characteristic of Degas’s paintings, rather than being represented centrally as in an official portrait.

It is as if she was not aware of the masterful style of the painter, or a still picture of a film. Everything about this painting suggests story – even drama – and raises questions: who is she? who is she waiting for? why? what is her mood and what does she think of?

In the hands of talented contemporary painters Impressionism will, I believe, remain a very popular art movement.

This styl combine harmonious innovation and accessibility, characteristics that are evident in the beautiful post-impressionist paintings by Pierre van Dijk.

You can view examples ,Exhibition , Gallery of the  artist’s work on this website.

Warmest regards;

Leila Jarbouai , conservatory Musée d’Orsay

Marine Kisiel, curator of painting, Musée d’Orsay

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Warmest Regards ; Pierre

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